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Louis Garneau Carve II MTB Helmet

Review: Louis Garneau Carve II MTB Helmet

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We Liked

Great Price at $74.99

U-Bar and Super MSB Technologies

Available in 4 Sizes

Spider Lock Pro helmet stabilizing

29 Air Sucking Vents

I have worn several Louis Garneau helmets over the last few years and the Carve II has been my daily MTB style helmet for the past year. You might ask why would I choose this particular lower priced at $74.99 lid when I have at my disposal some fairly expensive ones. There are three main things I look for in a helmet. The first is protection, second that it fit my skull shape and finally that it have good ventilation. The U-Bar is made with U-shaped plastic ribs that are folded 6 times. These ribs act like a complex exoskeleton that reinforces the helmet's structure and the Super MSB is a ring-shaped protection at the base of the helmet reinforces the perimeter so protection is covered. Unlike many lower priced point helmets that are available in only two sizes the Carve II is available in four. Along with the Spider Lock Pro is one of the smoothest operating helmet stabilizing systems around even with full finger winter gloves I have no issues with adjusting the carves fit, so that's two of my requirements down. With 29 air sucking vents that are angled just right so it is cool as well. Then there are features that are easily overlooked like the nice looking visor specifically designed for the Carve to work with LG’s V-Pro System a receptacle molded into the helmet in order to put on and off the visor as often as you wish. Plastic plugs are included to fill the holes when not used. Further fit adjustments from the Steplock Divider a cam locking device to quickly adjust strap position and 2 sets of Airdry Padding that is a washable sealed adjustment padding for enhanced durability, ergonomic design for optimum comfort.

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

A great fitting, good looking well ventilated helmet with that offers superior protection and durability does not need to cost $300. The Carve II from Louis Garneau does just that at a value price point of $74.99. Avalable in four sizes with technical design features like U-Bar and and Super MSB, a smooth operating Spider Lock Pro retention, 29 air sucking vents, you just look like you spent way more. Don’t you feel smart! Now protect them smarts with a Carve II helmet from LG.

Once gain LG delivers the goods and earns our highest score, count em One, two, Three, Four and Five Cowbells!

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