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Limus TLR

Review: Limus TLR

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We Liked

Challenge is a tire brand that you may not have heard of if you are a roadie or new to cyclocross. However, if you have been racing cyclocross you know the brand very well. The company has a history of making some of the best cyclocross tires in the world. Over the years the company has been making its tries better. This year is no exception with their new Limus.

  • Tubeless
  • Deep 3mm tread
  • Open tread shed mud
  • Tread extends down sides for Edging  

We Didn't Like

  • Like most tubeless tires these things are a bitch to get on and off. Hope you have been going to the gym and lifting.
  • We would like to see a 35 in the Limus for the non UCI racers.  

The Final Say

Choosing the right rubber for you Cyclocross Crusade campaign is very important. There are alot of things that you need to take into consideration. Mud is almost a foregone conclusion when it comes to cyclocross. When you say the word cyclocross you think of either mud or sand. So here is my thing on tires. When I'm looking for a mud tire I look at a few things. First, how far does the tread come down the side of the tire. Second, does the space between the tread allow the mud to get cleared off. Finally, is the tread on the tire tall enough to bite through the mud for traction.  The Limus tread is 3mm tall! I have yet to find anothercycocross tire with that tread depth. The Limus TLR checks all of the boxes in my list.  Think about this statement. You can run a mud tire in the dry but you can't run a dry tire in the mud. So if I could only buy one tire it would be the Limus. The bottom line here is Challenge makes some of the best cyclocross tires in the world and now you can get that great quality and performance in a tubeless version. I'm a big fan of the Limus tire and if you haven't tried the Limus in the mud you are missing out. If you run tubeless and want the best mud tire available then the Challenge Limus LTR is the tire of choice.  

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