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LG Snow Shoes

Review: LG Snow Shoes

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We Liked

This is one of those reviews that is not going to go well. And I Knew right off the back. Right off the back of my car to be exact. So we got the shoes in and we were really excited to get up on Mt. Hood and go running around in the snow. I have had the shoes for about a week and they were pretty cool. There were much lighter than the other sets that have been showing up on our door step. And on the LG web site they are right that these are racing snow shoes. They are very minimalists.

  • Light weight
  • cool looking

We Didn't Like

So one of the things that makes this shoe so light is that they don't use traditional bindings. LG made this snow use with nylon webbing for the bindings. then they used a Boa closure system to tie it all together. Quick simple, light weight and CRAP. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Well everything was fine until I put them on. When I went to put them on I started to tighten the BOA closure system. The BOA system came right off! Totally detached from the bindings. This demanded immediate closer inspecting of said snow shoe and binding system. After inspecting the broken one and the good snow shoe we came to discover that the BOA system is held in place ( attached to the shoe) by 1 stitch and some glue. That is correct 1 stitch.

The Final Say

So the final say is don't get them they have a serious design flaw in them. Now in all fairness LG is a great company and we love their cycling stuff. And we sent them a few emails about this and it was over a month until we got something back from them telling us that there was a design flaw and that they are going to be changing it for next year. Unless your doing snow shoe racing then your probably don't need racing snow shoes. I think I am going to have to rivet the BOA closure back on to get any use out of them and we have not received a call tag from LG wanting to get them back and let us have another crack at them. I would like to think I just got the pair from the guy that normally attaches the BOA system messed up and its just a fluke and was missed in QC. Either way If you have a pair check them out so you don't drive an hour up to the mountain and have them fall apart on you like they did me. One cow bell.

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