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Lezyne super Drive XL

Review: Lezyne super Drive XL

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We Liked

A few years a go this company was at Interbike and I didn't know who they were and they were showing just a few items. There were showing floor pumps ad some multi tools. That company was lezyne and they have grown and expanded their range toinclude lights. We spoke to them this last year at the show and decided to give a light a try. After all we get caught out on a ride in the fall and winter and we even commute to work. And because we live in Portland OR its the law that you have a headlight on your bike. the Super Drive looks like a airstream on your handle bars and performs like a phaser out of Star trek. The 700 lumens is plenty bright enough for me on the trail and the road. The light comes with a power indicator button so you can effectively manage your power. Speaking of power there are are 4 power settings that will give you 700/350/500/175 lumens and a flash at 150 lumens. The more power you use the less run time you have on the light. 700 lumens will get you 1:30 and the the economy 175 will allow you to ride for 5:30. If you run it on the flash you can go half a day with it for a whapping 12 hours.
  • Tough
  • Rechargeable
  • Bight
  • Nice looking
  • Easy to see the power indicator
  • Side is cut out on the front allowing cars to see the light from the side

We Didn't Like

  • Water proof charging seal is a pain to get back in.
  • Strobe mode is slow to us
  • Cable is really short and we would like it a little longer. It works if you plugging it into a laptop but into a desktop not so much.

The Final Say

Don't get caught out in the dark with out a light. A light will extend your ability to ride outdoors. You can see and be seen. There are a lot of choices out on the market right now for lights. You can go cheap but it will cost you in the long run and could leave you in the dark along way from home or even worse the little old lady didn't see you in the dark as you were riding home. Be safe and have a light. You will be happy with quality and the Lezyne brand is all about quality. The light did everything it was suppose to and that 700 lumens is pretty bright. It gives off plenty of light and you should be able to easily see about 100 feet in front of you. The power indicator is a God send and will allow you to manage your power so you can bring it off the 700 and work it down if you need to. The flashing was a little funny or unusual for us. We thought the flashing was a little slow compared to other brands but then I have a light that is so fast and bright will cause a seizure in any one that looks at it. The rubber water proof seal for the charger was really difficult to get back in once you remove it to chare it. The USB cable was a little short for our taste. But if your commuting and your electronics are mobile then its perfect for the lap top.

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