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Left Field Design No Drip Chain Luber

Review: Left Field Design No Drip Chain Luber

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We Liked

Great ideas come in small packages and I find that it is the little things that make the cycling industry so interesting.

Completely made I the USA including all packaging.

The No-Drip Luber from Leftfield Design solves the problem of the mess and waste of lubing your chain. Richard Singer the inventor, idea is simple enough a squeeze bottle with a specially made guide tip that holds a polypropylene pad. The chain lube of your choice is dispensed onto the pad then on to the chain without drips and making a mess and saving lube in the process. The Left Field Design's No Drip Chain Luber worked very well for the wax carrier cleaner type lube I use. Normally I would apply a large amount of the lube applying a steady stream on the chain getting it very wet in the process dripping some on the ground let it sit a minute them wipe off the excess cleaning the chain. With the No Drip Luber the process is basically the same except there are no drips wasting lube. I still get the chain plenty saturated to clean the chain, now I make less mess and use 30-40% less lube in the process saving a little bit of coin every time. With oil based lubes the No Drip Chain Luber works even better as you will get even application without overdoing it. The Luber comes with 5 spare pads and should last quite a while so far I have used the No Drip Luber on 30 chains and the first pad has plenty of life left. The No Drip Chain Luber comes in eco friendly packaging, designed and made in the USA and will be assembled by the good folks at Goodwill Industries.

Right now the No Drip Chain Luber is in preproduction. You can get in on the Flexible Funding campaign Orders for a single unit for $12 early bird special up to fifty units at $250 for shops are at Indiegogo.

Once in full production shops and organizations can have the bottles custom labeled for orders of 500 units or more and custom retail packaging for orders of1000 units or more.

We Didn't Like

Whats not to like, I save $ by using less lube, better for the envoirment, made by good people, supports the community.

Everbody wins!

The Final Say

The No Drip Chain Luber from Left Field Design priced at $15, $12 if you get in on the early bird special at Indiegogo Will make a great gift for those riders on your team ride that always has a squeaky chain. Have your team or shop logo on them give away at a race for something they will really use. Finally a better way to lube a chain!

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