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Lazer Vento

Review: Lazer Vento

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We Liked

We have been wearing Lazer helmets for a while now and are very familary with this brand. Here are a few things that we liked about it.

  • The Vento has a nice shape to it. I like how it has a small profile and frontal area. When you look at it head on you can see a natural shape around the riders head.
  • The fit is really good as well. This should come as no surprise as The company has been around for a very long time.
  • The wheel to tighten the helmet is different and works. Im not use to it but its not that difficult to use.
  • I like the colors that it comes in. However the red that we got does not look exactly like the red on the website. I suspect that is due to the lighting and post web production.
  • New Wout Red Bull blue color. You too can have a Wout signature helmet and its in BLUE!

We Didn't Like

So there are lots of things to like about this helmet. However, I found one thing kinda puzzling about this helmet’s design. It's Fairly obvious where the vents are on the helmet and the aerodynamic sculpting. There is a trade off for aerodynamics and cooling. So when I was looking at the layout of the vent system I was really curious about the side vents and how they would allow air to move over the head and take heat away from the rider. It turns out that the size and function of temporal air intake seems to be a facade with very little functionality of bringing air into the helmet. And when I say very little that is exactly what I mean. It turns out that there is a small hole to allow air to get in. I measured it and you cant see it or take a picture of it. I was able to get a narrow section of a piece of paper to thread through. So I called Lazer to ask them about it. All they would tell me was that air can get through there and to prove it they said all I have to do is run water through the vent. If water can get through so can air.

The Final Say

So whats the verdit? Its a good helmet and I like the shape, looks and fit. Im glad that there is another technology out there other than MIPS. The KenetiCore is a great idea and has some additional benifits. This reduces the weight of the helmet and it will also allow better ventilation. All of those cut outs creates channels that air can move through. Its a little decieving as those cool looking side vents are not really vents as all. I dont know why they are not true vents but they are not. Not really. Lazer says they are and that water can flow through.. I got a thin piece of paper through there but that was it.

Bottom line I like it absnd it ticks alot of boxes. And you know what so do alot of people because at the time of the writing of this review most of the helmets were sold out on the Lazer Web site.

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