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Kurt Kinetic Trainer Mat

Review: Kurt Kinetic Trainer Mat

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We Liked

If you are even remotely serious about cycling, you need to have a trainer to keep fitness up during the off season. Along with a trainer, you also need a stable platform that protects your floor from sweat and trainer movement. And let's not forget slipping on the linoleum with your cycling shoes. The Kurt Kinetic Trainer Floor Mat design is simple. The over-sized rubber mat protects your floors from anything that may fall from you or your bike during a trainer session. The floor mat will also help reduce noise and vibration emitted from the trainer. However, if your like me, you have the TV turned up so loud that it's the TV (not the trainer) that is making all of the noise. Prior to evaluating the Kinetic Trainer Mat, I used cardboard or scrap carpet to reduce the noise and vibration. After testing out the Kinetic Trainer Mat, I love this thing and wish that I had bought one a long time ago! The mat definitely prevents your trainer from moving around on a hard surface floor. The added bonus is that I can safely get on my bike without worrying about slipping on the floor with my cycling shoes. While the Kinetic Trainer Mat is heavy and very industrial, it's well worth the money.

We Didn't Like

Nothing at all.

The Final Say

If you own a trainer, you need to get the Kurt Kinetic Trainer Floor Mat. The difference in noise, vibration and safety that it makes is very impressive.

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