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Kryptonite Evolutiion & Evolution Mini

Review: Kryptonite Evolutiion & Evolution Mini

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We Liked

I know your like me in that you love your cyclocross bike and you would not want it to be stolen. But unfortunately there are professional bike thieves that would love nothing more than to relieve you of your prize steed. Don't believe me check out this fact: Every 30 seconds a bike is stolen in America. What they do I look for bike cycling events were there are going to be a lot of people and bikes. To a thief this presents more opportunity to just walk off with a bike. The cross crusade races here in Portland is a good example of a large event series that attract a lot of racer and spectators. And unfortunately bike thieves. I know what you are saying is that this doesn't happen and the bike thieves are only prowling the down town area and neighborhoods for those opportunities. Well, this year at the PIR race there was a bike stolen from a racer. It was left unattended and Poof it was gone. So 90% of all bike thefts are targets of opportunities. Here are a few tips. Fact: Bike thieves are Lazy. When they look at a bike they calculate how long it will take and the amount of effort that will be involved in getting that bike. If you use different types of locks to secure your bike it takes multiple tools, so use more than one type of lock. This will reduce your risk of your bike being pinched significantly. Lock a wheel and frame when securing your bike. if you lock just your front wheel the thief will just take the rest of your bike. Take pictures of your bike and have your serial numbers for your records. In the event that your bike is stolen and you find it in the possession of some one else the police will be very helpful if you have this.

The things that we like about this lock are that its

Secure: The chain is massive and you would need a power tool to get though it. Even then it would take a little time and cause quite a bit of ruckus. This is something that a thief will not want to do. They are vulnerable as they would not hear or see you walk up behind them. Use this high security chain lock with a U lock and your bike might as well be in a vault. The thieves will keep walking.

Key replacement: If you loose your keys you can get new ones! Who else does that???

Insurance! This lock comes with a $2,250 anti theft protection and that says a lot. Where can you get that?

We Didn't Like

We would like to see some custom accessories for these chains. For example I would like to see different color sleeves for them available. Or if you take the lock with you on a errand that the sleeve also has some reflectivity on it. We ended up wearing the larger one as a belt when we were riding.

The Final Say

We hate bike thieves. If your a bike thief and you steal our bike. Better the cops get you than me. Do you self a favor and protect the bike that you love so much. The use of this chain will make the bike thief say "Next" and go on to a easier bike to steal. Thank you Kryptonite for making such a easy and secure lock for the bikes that I love so much. Remember bike Thieves go for low hanging fruit. Don't put your bike on the lowest branch on the tree.

PS: If your a bike thief and you try for my Colnago better the police catch you than me....Trust me on this one.

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