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Review: Kask VALEGRO

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We Liked

Lots of vents Very light weight Lots of color options (8) Super high quality I have come to expect from Kask The echo-leather chin strap  

We Didn't Like

The occipital strap still gets in the way of our sun glasses. We mentioned this in our other review of the Mojito helmet.  

The Final Say

Twenty years ago when light weight helmets came out they were nothing but a solid single type of styrofoam that was covered by essentially a lycra swim cap . The emphasis was on a light weight helmet that met the minimum protection standards by ANSI. Fast forward to today and helmet companies are using technology to get their helmets lighter, safer , aerodynamic and cooler. The Kask Valegro is the latest helmet form the famous Italian helmet manufacturer for a helmet that is lightweight and cool. The list of Technologies that have gone into this helmet are impressive and include HyVent construction, Antibacterial, Static 3D Dry padding, Eco Leather strap and MIT Technology to make sure that the helmet exceeds safety standards. So why is this a great helmet for cyclocross? Well, in cross you don’t go that fast compared to a road race or crit and you are going just as hard or harder. This means that thermoregulation is very important. We found the Valegro very light and gave plenty of cooling while we were out on the cyclocross course. Its super light weight. So much that you might even forget that your wearing a helmet. However, this helmet would not be our choice when the snow starts to fly as it would surely be too cool. Otherwise the Valegro has the same quality that you would come to expect from KASK.  

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