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KASK Utopia WG11

Review: KASK Utopia WG11

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We Liked

Here are the features of the helmet.

  • Aero Shell: Tested in the wind-tunnel and able to provide a really impressive CX rate. Any position the head will assume the outflow of the air will be perfectly in line with the helmet.
  • HYVent: Structure and design of the shell implement the air flow and break up the exchangeable heat.
  • Anti Bacterial: The inner padding fiber respects the skin and protects it from bacteria and pollutant dusts. Eliminating the risk of annoying allergies.
  • Anti Static : The inner padding fiber absorbs and disperses electric charges accumulated from the environment or during physical exercise.
  • Eco Leather: Chin pad with synthetic leather chinstrap. The hypoallergenic and washable chinstrap is extremely comfortable and helps to avoid skin irritation.
  • High Breathability: Inner padding fiber speeds up the evaporation process of perspiration, slow down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant
  • MIT Techknology:
  • InMolding:Joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one, ensures a better shock absorption.
  • Octofit: This is KASK's own fit system and works just like 99% of the other helmet adjustment systems.
  • WG11 safty testing. This is a roational impact test that will measure the level of injury to your brain on impact. Kask has adopted the WG11 standard and is an independent testing protocol. This is based upon real impact data. And the protocol is published right on Kask's website. And KASK has set the passing score of a helmet to 0.390. However to a passing score on the WG11 test is 0.690.
  • 3D Dry Padding:The tridimensional 3D DRY padding utilizes a multi-layer open cell construction process: high technology for the best comfort and performance.

We Didn't Like

There was no place in the back of the helmet to put your sunglasses.

I have noticed that all the helmet manufactureres dont plblish thier aero data on line. So this makes picking an aero helmet more difficult. Unless you have a wind tunnel.

The Final Say

Kask is an Italian company that makes helmets for several different sports and activities. And just like the majority of Italian companies that make high-end clothing, it will show in their craftsmanship, quality, and attention to the little details. We have reviewed KASK helmets in the past and our opinion on the Utopia is right in line with our previous experience. There is a helmet war that is going on in the cycling industry and everyone is trying to get a helmet that ticks all of the boxes. The KASK Utopia does a really good job of ticking a lot of them. Let's start with the main ones. For an aero helmet, it is reasonably lightweight. It is safe, as KASK is committed to meeting and working with several European safety organizations. The helmet is available in lots of different colors to match your team kit. The one thing that makes the KASK helmet line different from other helmet lines is the chin strap. KASK is the ONLY helmet company that has a man made leather chin strap. Its soft and luxurious to wear. You won't find that on any other helmet. But most aero helmet are hot or they dont vent well. So here is what you look for. For the helmet to keep you cool there must be an unobstructed air flow through the helmet. So how do you Know? Look for a channel that connects the vents that have a deep channel the entire way. The channels in the KASK Utopia range in depth from 0.5 to 1.0 inches in depth. You need the air flow to take the heat off your head. So far I have only found 2 helmets that actually do a good job with this. The Utopia helmet is one of them. However, the more hair you have under your helmet the harder it is to get the air flow. I'm bald so it works great for me, I can actually feel the air moving over my head… Good job kask

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