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KASK helmet

Review: KASK helmet

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We Liked

This helmet has lots of vents and we like lots of vents, 24 of them to be exact! Why? Well, it turns out that thermo-regulation is a pretty big deal in athletic performance. You can actually cook your brain if you get to hot. To put it simply, this is Very Bad. We cool our selves through conduction and convection. What? When we heat up, we sweat and that sweat absorbs the heat and then is dissipated through evaporation. So lots of vents is a good thing. Don't believe me? Would you drain all the coolant out of your car and then go drive it? NO! Would you put on a plastic suit from head to toe and go ride outside in the Summer? No again! Why because you would dehydrate and over heat and die. Very Bad.

The KASK helmet has a very nice articulating occipital retention system. KASK has a system in their helmet that allows the occipital cradle to adjust to different size heads. Occipital? What is that? The Term Occipital refers to a bone at the back and base of your skull. This is accomplished though a hinge at the elbow on the cradle system itself. Pretty clever. This is the only helmet that I have seen so far with this type of stytem.

Gel pads in a helmet? You bet and after this review I have a feeling that they will become more common as these things work! We think of a gel pad in our shorts or gloves to give us comfort and to absorb shock. Well in this case we are not sitting on our helmet, our helmet is sitting on us. In addition to its main purpose of shock absorption the gel pad actually provides grip for the helmet much like the thin gel strip does in the leg of your cycling shorts. This gel pad holds the helmet conformably in place. Again very clever KASK.

The KASK helmet comes with something you don't see on any helmets out on the market, a Synthetic leather chin strap. This is the equivalent of having leather interior in a car. Its a very nice and soft to the touch. The strap feels more robust and feels nice against your skin than any other strap that we have felt on any of the helmets that we have tried. This feature just says luxury.

There is reflective material in key points of the helmet providing 360 degree coverage. So this is a very good thing. Now that I am in the pacific NW, I ride more often and that means commuting before after sunset and in incliment, low visibility weather

We Didn't Like

This is a great helmet. However, there is one thing that really needs to be changed on it. In the size that we got we found that we had a really hard time wearing sunglasses. The unique occipical fit system of the helmet sits right where the arms of our sunglasses gos. This means either your sun glass are secure or your helmet is secure. Choose one. We called KASK America to talk about this with them as we thought that we were dong somthing wrong or we forgot to do somthing with the fit system. Apparently, its a problem with only the medium size that we tested. The large does not have this problem.

The Final Say

This is truly a great helmet with a ton of design features for comfort and safety. The Medium will cause you some problems with your sunglasses so try it on and see if you can go to the large. If not you may have to figure something out. Hopefully KASK will address this issue and fix the problem that is the only thing holding this helmet back from being the choice of cyclist every where. We love the synthetic leather straps and the gel in the back of the helmet. These features truly give this helmet a luxurious feel to it.

Dear Kask Please fix this feature so we can wear your helmet....

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