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ithlete Finger sensor

Review: ithlete Finger sensor

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We Liked

So if you have read the other review that we did on the ithlete device you know how important recovery is and that now we can measure it with this little gem. So the developer at ithlete wanted to make the measurement even easier than having to put on a HR strap. Simon is the developer of ithlete and has now a external finger dongle for sale. As soon as we found out about it we called them up and asked if we could use it. They said sure! This means that all you have to do is have the program on your smart phone and then just plug it into your phone and put it on your left index finger. So here are the reason we love it.

  • Simple, slip it on your finger, plug it into your phone. Bam!
  • Very easy to use. Press the green button and breath for one min.
  • You can share it with other users because sharing a HR strap is just icky.
  • You can take the reading sitting down. No more standing.

We Didn't Like

The finger dongle gets the HRV reading though your pulse in your finger. So, if you have a peripheral circulation disorder this is not the device for you. If your fingers or hands are cold all of the time. Unfortunately, we have had some bouts of Raynaud's syndrome. Some times we could not get a reading and instead of sitting we have to stand. As it turns out standing or sitting really doesn't matter. What matters is that if you sit. Take all of your reading sitting. If you stand do all of your reading standing.

The Final Say

So here is the deal. Its all in the recovery. If you don't recover, your not getting stronger or faster. Any monkey can go out on their bike or for a run and go hard. Most just keep going hard and think that more is better. the finger dongle is simple easy and accurate. You can share it with others room mates or your partner. Its fast and easy to put on and take off. Licking a strap and lifting up your shirt or bra is a thing of the past. Slip it on your left index finer and plug it in and wait for it to connect and breath. In 60 seconds you will know what kind of training day you can have. You Need to know if you can go hard or you should have an easier day. If not your just guessing. So if you really want to get faster you need to get an ithlete and stop guessing.

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