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ithlete Bluetooth HR Strap

Review: ithlete Bluetooth HR Strap

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We Liked

We have used the ithlete app before and this is our next installment review on their product line. We have used other straps with a dongle and used the fingerdongle and we have looked the the pros and cons or each. But the one item that we cant find any problems with is the Bluetooth strap. Here are a list of the things that we like about it.

  • No Dongle needed
  • Pairs FAST
  • Easy to use works like any other HR strap
  • Never misses a beat, very accurate

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

Its all in the recovery and knowing how hard you can go that day OR even if you should go at all. This is where HRV comes into play. Ithlete is one of the world leader of HRV technology and products. We have reviewed their other products before this review and we know and value the tools that they bring. Their Bluetooth HR strap is only one of many devices that they have that work with their awesome apps and software. The Bluetooth HR strap we love because its just so easy to use. All you have to do is put it on and in about 3 seconds you will be connected to your device. No dongle is needed and 99% of the phone out there will have Bluetooth in the. If you cant down load the app more than likely your phone is too old and with new phones coming out all of the time is should not be a problem at all. We love the Bluetooth HR strap because its is so easy to use, connects right up and we never got a reading that go disconnected or had to be redone again. If you include that its ECG accurate you just might use this HR strap all of the time with your other devices.

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