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Iron Cross Disc Wheelset

Review: Iron Cross Disc Wheelset

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We Liked

So in the competitive wheel market there seems to be some price points forming. I am seeing that there are the uber high end specialty wheel set and then there is the middle ground, work horse, race/train wheel set and then there are the everyday wheels that you will ride in any whether and all year long. We typically don't care too much about them and ride them till the bearing turn to dust. With that said the stands no tubes offers this wheel set that seems to have a foot in the later two worlds. Is it a race set or a every day wheel. I would say both. Stans no tubes have been making wheels for the blue collar hard working, I have a home loan and a wife that just dose not understand cycling let alone cyclocross. This wheel set could be your first up race wheels or your pit wheels. With the price tag of $599 they are a bargain for what you get. Here are a few things that I like about these wheels.

Good price

Work horse wheel

Semi aero

Decent weight under 1600g

Easy serviceability

Tubless ready

We Didn't Like

We really didnt have any real problems with the wheel set per se but We did notice that the end caps to the hubs came off really easily. So much that you need to pay attention to whay you are doing when removing the skewer. We changed cassets several times and this happend to us. Also, unrelated the raven tires that they sent us gave us plenty of problems with them either getting them to seal on the rim or the tires were leaking themselves. So if your going to run those tires use tubes...

The Final Say

This Wheel set is for some one that is looking for a work horse that is not a Clydesdale. The hubs are easily serviceable and the rims can be run tubeless or regular. the low weight of 1520 grams means that they will spin up fairly quickly when you come out of a corner and need to get on the gas. Because the wheels are inexpensive when you compare them to other wheels in their they are a real winner when it come into the grams+dollar+performance formula. The Stans Iron cross wheel set is a real winner with us and with the money you saved on the wheels you can spend more on tires.

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