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IRC Tubless Tire Levers

Review: IRC Tubless Tire Levers

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We Liked

  • Simple easy design
  • Point/ barb with the Notch makes all the difference.
  • Fits in your saddle bag just like regular ones
  • Can use them on any tough tire and rim combo not just Tubeless
  • Mounting tires is a pain no more.

We Didn't Like

Nothing. I wish I had thought of it..

The Final Say

Tire levers have been around for a long long time. Now, there are a lot of companies making them due to injection molding. They are a useful tool that every cyclist needs whether you are a casual commuter, racer, mountain biker or cyclocross junkie. If you ride a bike then you have tires. And its not IF you are going to get a flat its WHEN. So you better be prepared for when you need to change them. The basic design of the tire lever has not really changed in decades. The reason? Well,the tire/rim connection really hasn't changed all that much up until now. Tubeless tech had changed the tire world and now that has spread across from mountain bikes to cycloross and now road tires and wheels. Because that juncture between tire and rim has changed it has become very difficult to change some of the tires or even mount them. Everyone has been struggling with this and no one has gotten the bright idea to make a tire lever that works for tubeless tires and rims. That is until now! The guys at IRC have come up with nothing short of a GENIUS design for the tire lever. This is a game changer. So what did they do? IRC changed the tip of one end to have a point with a barb on it and then they added a notch to it. The point allows you to get under the tire. The barb catches the rim keeping the lever from slipping out and the notch allow the tire to sit on the lever securely. This combination allows you to roll the tire on to the rim with out the tire slipping off the lever. So does it work? YES, and actually it works really, really well. It was so much easier mounting the IRC tires that they gave me to review. I then tried mounting the tires with a set of conventional levers, and it was a pain in the ass to get the tire mounted on the rim. I did the same thing with the IRC Tubeless levers. Same tire same rim. it was not even close to the same effort. It was much easier no question. Even if you don't have tubeless tires you should get a pair of these and recycle your old levers because they are now obsolete.

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