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I Heart These Goggles!

Review: I Heart These Goggles!

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We Liked

These sunglasses, or goggles, are of supreme quality. I mean it. There's no inserts to mess with. The lens (it's one big lens instead of two small) is sheer with a pinkish yellowish sheen. Very stylish.

But the best part is the versatility. Wear them at dusk. Wear them when it's cloudy. Wear them in the blinding sun and be blind no more. There's something about the darkness level that seems to lend it self perfectly to all conditions except the black of night.

We Didn't Like

I don't like when I don't have them on my face, like currently as I type this review in.

They are super sporty and the styling may not translate well to regular civilian street wear.

The Final Say

Get these glasses immediately, slap them on your face and go for a bike ride!

Seriously, these are a great pair of ride goggles. The reflective sheen is stylish, they don't steam up at stoplights, and protect eyes perfectly.

We're not sure how Spy does it, but these specs keep bright day glare at bay while not making overcast days too dark. Kudos, Spy Eye wear!

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