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Hawk Racing Rear Derailleur Pulleys

Review: Hawk Racing Rear Derailleur Pulleys

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We Liked

When we first heard about Hawk Racing it was because of their cool and super smooth bottom brackets. We met with them at Interbike and we were shown their entire line of products. This included their derailleur pulleys. These things are light (17g) and super smooth jsut like thier bottom brackets. Comparing them to the standard deraileur pulleys that come with your rear derailleur its quite obvious that one is mass produced and one is a piece of high performance cycling equipment. I was having some shifting problems during my cyclocross season and we (me and the local bike shop) could not figure out what was going on. After closer examination of the rear derailleur I noticed that one of the pulley wheels was binding and had excessive wear on it. They are made of plastic and so they wore out very quickly. I replaced them with the Hawk Racing pulleys and BAM! The shifting was much smoother and precise. The Hawk Racing pulleys are machined out of 7075 aluminum so not only are they light but they are durable.

Hawk Racing made these pulleys compatible with Shimano 10,9,8 Speed 11T / SRAM 10 speed 11T . So they will work with most systems out on the market.

Unlike most pulleys the hawk Racing pulleys use bearings. They actually borrow from their bottom bracket Folmer Technology™ (patent pending)and applied it to this application. Hawk Racing uses stainless steel, ISO and ABEC 3 Bearings that are made in japan. This is why they are so smooth and the stainless steel makes them very durable and service free.

We Didn't Like

Nothing, Normally we would balk at $59 for a set of pullys BUT a quick search on the internet showed us that these Hawk Racing pulleys are a bargan in that catagory.

The Final Say

There are a lot of things out there that claim to improve your performance. Want to lighten up and drop some drag? This is a easy and a sure fire way to do just that. Plus you will ad some bling factor to your steed! I plan on having them on all of my bikes after feeling the difference.

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