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GURU Fit System

Review: GURU Fit System

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We Liked

So I get asked all of the time what is a good bike. I'm sure that if you ride a lot people that want to get into cycling ask you the same question. I have thought about this a lot and its not the price point of the bike that makes it a good or a bad bike. Bikes are not good, bad or evil. They are tools for us.. Some people use bikes for transportation some use them for recreation and some even use them for work. So to me a good bike is one that fits your body. The bike has to be good for you. Would you get some running shoes that were 3 sizes too small or big? Helllll NO, and you would only be spending $100 bucks. Try doing that with $1500 or $2500 or more and you can see how crazy it can be. So getting a bike fit is really one of the best places to start. Now this process until recently was kind of more art than science. Over the last few years technology has been more and more integrated into the cycling industry. Normally a guy would pt you on a trainer and look at you and have you get off and he would change something. Raise or lower the seat, change the pedals or your bar and stem. This is a process in to itself, and it takes a while to do. But what if you could just get on a bike and it would automatically change to fit you with out you having to get off at all. Then pull up a list of bike manufacturers with bikes that will fit you? Well enter GURU Fit systems. This is EXACTLY what that is. This was the fastest and easiest bike fit I have ever had.

I got to the local bike shop that has a GURU fit system and got set up. The system uses a scanner to watch you and find your articulation points and then has a module that it superimposes on you in real time while you are riding . You can see this on the big monitor. The shop had a wall of handle bars with hoods already on them. So getting the right bar size takes no time at all. Initially we took some time and I answered a few questions. what kind of riding I was going to be doing etc..

  • Real time quick adjustment
  • Bike geometry database
  • Big options of stem/ bar/ seat combinations
  • Repeatability from bike to bike is HUGE!
  • Only have to do it one time...

We Didn't Like

Goes by how you feel...

we didnt get a print out of the fit with what size of bike we should have.

The Final Say

Any fit system needs to be looked at as a tool system. The real difference is the craftsman using the tools. The GURU fit system is a high tech tool that anyone that plays video games will surely love and if you don't you will be amazed at all of the bells and whistles that it has and how fast you can make changes to your seat height, handlebar height and with. Change your crank length no problem all the while under the watchful eye of SKYNETuhm... I mean the GURU fit system. Either way this system crushes all of the other systems that are out there. the ability to pull up and match your body to just about any bike geometry and size in a matter of moments is awesome. It remembers your information and when you want to get a different brand or another style of bike it just fits you to it with out getting on another bike is Amazing. There is no comparison to the old method of have you ride the trainer and then click out and get off and readjust again and again and again. Take some measurements, get on and then the computer scans you in real time the fitter adjusts the settings and BAM! the price of this fitting will vary by location, but all in all it will cost you about the same if you go to some one that does it the traditional way. Only it wont take you as long and you have a lot more options.. Well done GURU.

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