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G1 Mips

Review: G1 Mips

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We Liked

As always here is where I list out all of the cool things that I like about this helmet.

  • Light Weight: Our helmet came in at 295g for a large.  The 235 is for the medium size.
  • Aero Shell: This makes the helmet versital in that it can be used in TT and in the foul wather and when it gets colder.
  • Adjustable Head Basket: Part of the Roll System is Lazers term for the system that they use to cradle the back part of your head to keep the helmet in place
  • Roll System: Its the total adjustable fit system that is contolled by a roller located in the top of the helmet.  This makes it easy and out of the way.
  • Mips System:  Should be mandatory on all helmets as far as I am concerned.
  • Extra Pads:  Not all helmets come with extra pads to get the fit just right.
  • 22 Vents:  You need vents to say cool and this a good amount of vents when your truning the screws on a cyclocross course.
  • 5 Colors:  this makes it easy to pick something that will match your team kit and go with things other than your team kit as well.
  • Helmet bag:  You need something to protect the thing that protects your brain.
  • Crash Replacement:  3 year crash replacement.  Other companies offer 1 year to nothing.
  • Virgina Tech Ratig:  Virgina Tech gave the helmet 5 stars in its safety rating. 

We Didn't Like

Our helmet comes in heaver than advertized.  

Some helmets in the Lazer range have several differnt theme covers.  The G1 does not.

There is no reflectivity on the helmet.

The Final Say

Lazer has been making helmets for over 100 years. And so these guys know how to make a helmet. So what is the final say on this helmet? It's relativity lite weight The G1 tips the scale at 235g. However ours came in at 295g more than was advertised. I'm assuming that is for a Medium or a small. Ours was large. All the while meeting and exciting the safety standards here in the US and abroad. Its somewhat aero in that it burrows  shapes and tech from its older brothers and sisters while still giving max ventilation with 22 vents. But if you want to get aero then all you have to do is add the shell to the top and you have a full aero helmet. The G1 Mips is an all around road helmet that lets you take it up the long climbs as well. The G1 comes in 5 colors that will most likely match whatever your team kit is. Most importantly it comes with the latest Mips safety technology in the helmet. In addition to this All Lazer helmets come with a 3 year crash replacement program. So if you crash and damage your helmet you can get another one at 50% off. Most only have a 1 year replacement program or none at all. So the flip side of the coin on the G1. It does not come with a rear light like some of the other Lazer helmets do and there is no relectivity with this helmet. Over all a very ice helmet with a great replacement and a boat load of features and benefits.  

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