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A-Frame Event Storage

Review: A-Frame Event Storage

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We Liked

There are several things that we love about this rack. Here are a few of them.

  • Simple
  • Holds 8 bikes
  • Sets up in 1 min with 1 person
  • Light weight (20lbs)
  • Small when packed up
  • No more leaning bikes against things (tents, cars, buildings etc)
  • Sturdy
  • Keeps the (dirty) bikes out of the tent
  • High Quality Aluminum

We have all seen them at the races and said that's a good idea. And even a few of us have said " We could make that". Now we have been doing with out one for a while and we didn't know what we were missing. Here in Portland OR cross is king and there are lots of teams here and lots and lots of cross bikes. We have been haning our bikes on inside our tents for a bit now and its been ok but recently we have added a few more members and boy did it get crowded quickly. The Feedback Sport bike rack is AMAZING. It the little things that you don't initially see that make it so awesome. First its long enough to hold 8 bikes and what you dont see about this is the center tube that braces the main tubes from the inside. the second thing you need to notice is the struts and the locking mechanism that locks the legs into place. The high grade aluminum tubing is very understated in its very basic black scheme. You cant tell what it is made out of when you walk by. I have seen a lot of people try and reproduce this rack but all I have seen is examples of racks that resemble Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

We Didn't Like

Initally the price tag was a little hard to swallow given its simplestic design. However, its not the basic design that you are paying for. Its the materals and the other structrual things that make it sturdy.

The Final Say

So what do we think of this rack? Well you don't need it if you only have one bike and your all alone... Who needs it? Teams, clubs and families.. Basically if you are at a event and you have 3 or more bikes this is one handy piece of equipment. In Cyclocoss it pays to have multiple bikes and tents. this rack allows you to store 8 bikes outside of the tent. That means more room for you and your teammates. It also means that the dirty bikes stay out of the tent as well... Its a simple design but don't be fooled. Feedback sports put some energy and time into its construction. High grade aluminum, reinforced lock out joints and it all collapses down into a small carry bag for easy storage and transportation. Weighing in at just over 20 lbs its slightly heaver than a bike. Again, I have seen many many people try to duplicate the feedback sport A Frame Event Rack and what they have produced looks like some thing you would see at a remedial shop class in high school. They tend to be unstable, hard to store, cumbersome and heavy. If you have a need for an A Frame bike rack that means that your in the sport for a long time and this rack is worth the investment. I love ours and I wish I had gotten one sooner..

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