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Force Dry

Review: Force Dry

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We Liked

Lets face it cyclocross is a dirty sport. There is rain and mud and that means our shoes will be wet. Drying shoes takes time and effort. We have reviewed a passive way of drying your shoes and now we have an active way. Force dry is a electric shoe dryer. Basicly its like having 2 little low power hair dryers that og on the inside of your shoes. It’s small and compact. When I got the unit I was skeptical that it would actually work. So I went out and got my shoes nice and really wet. It’s easy to use. Just plug it in put the pillars into the upright position and set the timer. The Force Dry does all of the work.

Not just for shoes! We used gloves and socks with the same great results. So don’t think that its Just for your cycling shoes.   

  • Gently heated forced air eliminates unwanted moisture in about an hour
  • Helps keep odor causing bacteria, fungus, and molds from forming
  • Helps keep odor causing bacteria, fungus, and molds from forming
  • Durable, compact design
  • Safe for all types of footwear and gloves

We Didn't Like

The only thing that I don’t like about this unit is that its two small hair dryers and that means it makes that hair dryer sound. It’s not loud but more like that Mosquito sound. So put it some place that has some sound insulation so you dont have to listen to it while its drying your stuff.

The Final Say

Lets face it cycling shoes are expensive and we usually only have one pair. We need to take really good care of them. So it is only a matter of time that they will get wet. And in cyclocross its going to happen a lot. The Force Dry unit is pretty awesome and we found out that in about an hour our shoes were dry and ready to go again. I think that you will find that you will use them on a variety of items from running shoes, road shoes, we even used them on gloves and socks. Say goodby to stuffing newspapers into your shoes.  The Force Dry unit is the way to go and will become a valuable addition to your cycling household.  

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