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Fly 6 Camera

Review: Fly 6 Camera

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We Liked

Small & Easy to use: In the box is a instruction book (12 pages) that has some very simple instructions that walk you through every single step making it very easy to do. I hate getting a 75 page book that I have to read through just to get the thing charged, set up and mounted. This makes the Fly6 very user friendly. Easy to use? The Fly6 has 2 buttons, a power button for on and off and with this button you can toggle through the different flashing sequences on your light. The second button is a courtesy dimmer. This button controls the flashing LED's brightness.

Serves 2 functions: Not only can you record your daily commute or race but the REAL purpose is to record anything that might happen to you during this saddle time. The cyclist is always on the losing end of a conflict when they get hit by a car. To me the driver of the car has a 2,000 lb weapon. This little red gem has your back especially with the incident capture protection technology. If you or your bike gets hit and your bike breaks 45 degrees the Fly6 automatically saves the vid. On the Fly6 web site they posted several vid still captures of several License plates to demonstrate the quality of the vid.

Long battery life/ Medium recording life: You can run this thing for up to 5 hours continuously. The Fly6 will record your ride in 15 min blocks for 1 hr. If nothing happens it will record over the first or oldest block. This is basically a looping recording process.If you want to record more then you will have to get a bigger SD card than the one that they have included. The guys at Fly6 suggest getting a 32G class 10 micro SD card.

Want to know how much charge the battery has? You will get a audio beep that will tell you how much battery life you have. 4 beeps means you have 75% to 100% fully charged. If you drop below 5% battery life you will get 3 Long beeps and the camera will shut off and the blinky light will continue to operate. At 5% battery power the blinky light will go on flashing for up to 1.5 hours!

Multiple adaptors for different post mounts: This is a nice feature in that if you have a aero seat post they have an adapter for that. Also the kit comes with extra rubber straps of different lengths to accommodate just about any seat post situation.

Good visibility at night: Riding home at night I was interested to see how it will do. Will I be able to see anything? Will it just be this black screen. And surprisingly it works really well at night. You can actually see a lot of stuff in the video replay. So good job on that!

These guys have a great sense of humor. Check out this Vid on the product! also check out the Video I shot in a race here

We Didn't Like

Loads the vid as a AVI file and in this form you cant put it into iMovie.

Where is the white Fly6 for the front?

Only made for a seat post mount. You can't attach it to other tubes with out the camera being pointed the wrong way.

A mount to go on the back of a helmet would be a good idea as well.

The Final Say

Do you commute? Do you race? Want to capture the action of your daily race across the bridge or the run in that you had with that angry motorist that is harassing everyone on marine drive? Or the massive attack that you put in and got away in the big race? This just might be the answer. The Fly6 is a HD surveillance camera in a tail light. There are several cool things about this little Ruby gem. First thing, it looks like a normal tail light. Alright its on the large size but there are some tail lights out there that are longer than 3 inches. The HD camera hides in plain sight. Now a days everyone is familiar with the GoPros and other cams that stick out like a sore thumb. The average person can recognize them and all of a sudden becomes a model citizen. Unless you know about the Fly6 only you will know what's being recorded. After you have gotten your footage you just hook it up to the cable and to your computer and down load the vid. Now onto the blinky. The rear tail light has 2 flashing options and 4 dimming options. The output of the blinky is only 15 lumens, I am speculating that if it was more it could blind the camera at night from glare. Bottom line its a great idea and a great product. Get one and watch your back. 5 cowbells!

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