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Fix It Sticks

Review: Fix It Sticks

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We Liked

No moving parts

Small, light and compact

Modular design, design your own combinations and carry only what you need Fix It Sticks design is so simple almost anyone who first looks at them just can’t imagine why they didn’t think of it, good for you Brian Davis did and followed through to make what is now Fix It Sticks. Brian came up with the idea when repairing his bike while using a three-way tool like many of have. There’s a reason why every pro mechanic has a couple three-way tools sitting right on their workstand in easy reach. The tool flexibility and ease of use make it one of the first to reach for though is not necessarily very packable.

With Fix It Sticks you get all the benefits of a three-way tool being no moving parts, ability to loosen or tighten multiple size fasteners with enough torque because of the T-handle design to get the job done, plus Fix It Sticks are small, light and very packable. The simple design is also modular with the steel bits pressed into aluminum sticks that are available in several stock configurations like the Roadie/Tri set with (3,4,5mm hex / Phillips #2) bits or the Mountain Set (4,5,6mm hex / Torx 25) bits are two examples, you can a custom configure your own set specific to your needs.

The original Fix It Sticks in aluminum is limited to 11 foot-pounds or 15 newton-meters of torque more than enough for most fasteners specifications on most bikes. For the gorilla handed and for those fasteners that do require more Fix It Sticks are available in a new steel version. Initial testing shows a torque failure at 35 foot-pounds or 40 newton-meters more than enough for those fasteners that really need to be torqued town tight.

On the road or trail Fix It Sticks worked as advertised. Adjustments or tightening lose fasteners on other peoples bikes as it is a rare occurrence for me to repair mine being a complete freak about my bikes being maintained. I still do ride prepared now I can just do it lighter. Whoever bike was being fixed they always wanted to know about the Fix it Sticks and almost always commented ah just like a three-way tool.

We Didn't Like

Would be nice to have a pouch with end protection In the event that the bit ends happen to puncture or rub a hole in a spare tube if you are carrying one as well. I made one out a used inner tube.

The Final Say

Avoid the cyclists walk of shame ride with Fix It Sticks. With Fix It Sticks you can carry only what you really need, the modular design means there is a set for your needs. Fix It Sticks are functional tools for cyclists that are small, light, modular and packable. Five count em One, Two, Three, Four Five Cowbells for Fix It Sticks.

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