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Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand

Review: Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand

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We Liked

With all of the stuff we bring to a cyclocross race light weight is something that we appreciate. The Pro Elite Repair stand from Feedback Sports is very light weight (12.6 lbs) and collapses down to a very small package (45" L). Thank you Feedback Sports for these features! This also means that you don't need a lot of space in your car to pack this thing up!

This stand is fast and easy to use! If this stand could race it would win the hole shot every time. Set up takes seconds because at each of the telescoping points the Pro Elite stand has quick releases that make collapsing or telescoping as simple as 1-2-3. Need the bike in and out of the gate in a hurry? The Pro elite has that hole shot as well. The clamp mechanism is on a ratcheting rail that has a release button on a spring. Hit the release button and Ka-Pow! The clamp springs open immediately releasing the bike. Need to put the bike in fast? Hold the bike up to the clamp, push the clamp shut and give the clamp a couple of twist and your are in like Flinn.

One size does fit all with this stand! No matter how tall or short your mechanic or pit crew is this stand will work for you and them. The work height will adjust form 42 inches all the way up to 71 inches! That means you can work on your girlfriends bike and then after all of the races the Pro Elite stand will work for her as she pulls power wash duty on the bikes.

The stand is a cool bright anodized red We love this! So keeping this piece of equipment nice and shiny is a must. The guys at Feedback Sports included some protection with its own carrying bag. This will help protect it from scratches and dings during your cyclocross crusade

We Didn't Like

This stand is packed with lots of great features. But you can have any color as long as its red. What about green or blue or even pink? Other colors would be cool to have avaiable.

The Final Say

If you race cyclocross on a regular basis this IS the stand for you. This is the perfect tool to have in your box of gear. The stand is very simple to set up and use. It offers a very stable platform for holding your bike for a variety of tasks. Weather you are working on your bike, changing the wheels or washing your bike after the race this stand is a absolute must for the dedicated cyclocross racer.

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