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Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip

Review: Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip

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We Liked

That my carbon bars and posts no longer slip when using Carbogrip, this stuff really works.

When building Project Privateer Litespeed CX Ti I didn’t want to take any shortcuts with the build whatsoever. All bolts have been torqued to specification with the Giustaforza II PRO 2-16 "Correct Force" Torque Wrench after applying Carbogrip, let it set up for 5mins then wiped off the overspray with a clean shop towel sprayed with Carbomove. Since using Carbogrip I have yet to have any slippage of any components were it has been applied.

The real test for Carbgrip was a bar stem combination on one of my road bike that even when the bolts are torqued properly I still would get slippage when I jumped off a curb, or over parking blocks something I do quite often. I really like the shape of that bar and frankly I’m too cheap to buy something different. I cleaned the bar and the stem clamp with Carbomove wiped them dry and then applied the Carbogrip. The next ride on that bike jumping up and off curbs zero slippage, and has remained that way since, I am now free to ride as I like.

Since then I have used Carbogrip on bolts, alloy posts and bars, though my favorite use is with bar tape that I am reusing.

So what is carbogrip? From the Cantitoe Road web site states

it is a special high-molecular weight silicone resin that, sprayed on a bicycle part before assembling it, polymerizes (in 5 minutes) into a grippy surface with the following characteristics: • prevents part slippage and the dangerous, normal reaction when a seatpost or handlebar slip: overtorqueing the fixing bolts! • facilitates clamping of smooth carbon parts (handlebars, seatposts, aerobar extensions..) • the polymer also has anti-seize properties, allowing an easy component removal when needed • works great as threadlock (steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon bolts) • waterproof • very easy to use: no need for brushes as with other assembly pastes/liquids • ideal for mountain-bike grips: sprayed inside the grips, it allows the grips to easily slide onto the handlebar when mounting, locking them in place when the resin polymerizes. The grips can then be removed blowing air inside them with a compressor, or with other procedures normally used to remove grips • can be easily removed with Carbomove or other petrol-based solvents • available in 75ml bottle size

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The Final Say

There is no excuse for slippage. With Carbogrip you no longer need to. Available from Cantitoe Road in 75ml spray can at $12.95 is cheap insurance for your carbon parts and more. Don’t risk failure of carbon frame, post or bar because you needed to over torque to keep parts from moving.

Just because carbon parts are slick does not mean they should slip get a grip Carbogrip!

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