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DZ-Nuts Bald Shaving Cream

Review: DZ-Nuts Bald Shaving Cream

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We Liked

One really great feature about the dz-nuts bald shaving cream is a little goes along way. Just get the area that you are going to be shaving a little wet and squeeze out some of the cream into your hand (about the size of a nickle) and start rubbing it into the area. The dz-nuts Bald shaving cream will foam up with this action and will provide ample coverage

No aerosol cans ! That means that this product is good for the environment. The other thing that this means is that its lighter than a shaving cream can. It comes in a flexible light weight tube that is easily stowed in a gear or travel bag. Traveling a long ways or for a long time? Pack it in your back pack with your tooth brush so if you need to clean up while traveling you can. The tube is about as wide and as long as our hand and very flexible..

Over the years (decades) one thing that I have struggled with is cutting myself shaving. I use to cut my myself on my knees and ankles. Not any more! This makes getting cuts a thing of the past. After I realized this I used it on my face. I use to have a problem of cutting my neck in several spots with regular shaving cream. But with using dz-nuts Bald I have not cut my neck or chin at all. This is pretty amazing stuff.

The best part about using the dz-nuts Bald is how your skin feels after shaving with it. Your skin will not only feel super smooth but it will be super soft as well. My girlfriend loves the way it makes my face feels. Using this will make her want to kiss and snuggle with you more than usual. This is a very good thing.

We Didn't Like

I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend try it out. The end result is that I have to share it with her now. Note to self : Try stuff out first in secret and if it rocks hide it in secret location.

The Final Say

Love your self and your skin. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and its your first line of defense against the wet, muddy, thermonuclear hostile outside world. So its really very important that you take care of it, trust me on this I know first hand. I loved this stuff on my legs so much that I used it on my face. I didn't tell anyone and I got complements and my girlfriend wants me to only use the dz-nuts Bald. It works so well that my female friends at the gym noticed and wanted to touch my face. This is the first time I have had women say anything about how soft my skin was on my face. I love the fact that I don't cut my legs, face or neck up shaving anymore. This stuff rocks!

dz-nuts thank you very much!

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