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Dura Ace Shifters

Review: Dura Ace Shifters

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We Liked

We got them on our project bike and started riding them this summer and sure enough we got what we expected. Top of the performance all across the board. Evey shift this summer and into the cross season has been nothing but crisp and precise. We have had SRAM on all of our bikes and its been awhile since we have gotten to spend a long time with Shimano's top of the line group. We got these as part of a group for our Colnago Prestige bike and that meand that we got to spend some quality time holding hands with the Dura Ace Shifters. So we decided to put together a few words to describe our experience with these weapons of sprecise shifting.

  • Solid
  • Durable
  • Responsive
  • Positive

We Didn't Like

They do cost a pretty penny....

The Final Say

When you are choosing the shifting system for your mud steed you have to ask yourself a few questions. do I want the best? How durable do I want it to be? How reliable and how light do I want it to be. When you are choosing this its usually stregth, weight and price that you have to choose from. This is no execption. Dura Ace is Shimano's top of the line and it shoes in its performance. Sure Ultegra is a bargan but if you want the top of the line no compromise in strength and performance this is the clean choice.

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I've been running these on my cross racer for a couple of seasons now and they've been bomb proof and smooth even with excessive amounts of mud and gunk jammed in them.
posted 8 years ago