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Connex by Wippermann10sX Chain

Review: Connex by Wippermann10sX Chain

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We Liked

Superior durability

Shifts great on any 10spd system

Value saves you $$

Over the years I have heard quite a bit about Wipperman chains but had never used one till now and I do have to say I feel like an idiot for waiting for so long before I did. With Project Privateer Litespeed CX Ti I wanted to highlight the best components and some new ones to the cyclo-cross market, the Connex 10sX by Whipperman fit the bill perfectly.

Considering the abuse a season of CX training and racing will do to a chain, wanted the toughest strongest longest lasting chain. The Connex 10sX at $89.95 is one of many 10spd chains by Whipperman and is the strongest and longest lasting 10spd chain in the Whipperman line up. A close second though the hollow pin 10s1 is 15g lighter at $124.94 the10sX is an overall better value.

The Connex 10sX chain like all Whipperman chains comes with the famous Connex link, for tool free removal of the chain when it’s time to clean or replace. The fully stainless steel Connex link is very easy to remove, for me far more so than other removable master links on the market, those I find very difficult to use I would rather just use a chain tool to get the chain apart than be frustrated trying to get it apart, not so with the Connex link.

I am using the 10sX with Microshift Arsis Shifters and derailleurs, FSA SLK-Light 386 EVO Crank with FSA Crain Rings and a Shimano Ultegra 10spd 12-28 cassette. Before installing the chain I thoroughly cleaned it with mineral spirits rinsed with clean water and dried with forced air, and then lubed with Chain L following the instructions for application read the Chain L review another awesome product available from Cantitoe Road.

Durability wise the Connex 10sX can not be beat the only chain close was the Connex 10s1, both far outdistancing popular Shimano and SRAM chains in durability and longevity. I always thought that the SRAM chains I had used in the past wore out really fast. I have used Shimano chains because of that but always needed to carry hyperlink pins to in the event I needed to remove or shorten the chain and doing so does weaken the chain. Since the Connex link works with all chains and is easy even for me with my busted up hands to use, I now carry in my pack a 9 and 10spd Connex links. I didn’t need the well-conducted test to show me that the SRAM chains were inferior, though I was surprised by how much and even though the Shimano chains did far better they still were not as durable as a Whipperman Connex 10sX or 10s1 chains. See the testing procedures and results for yourself at http://www.cantitoeroad.com/chains.

My personal results so far with 500 miles of mix use the chain when measured showes absolutely no wear from when new. Shifting performance the Connex 10sX is clean and precise and runs almost silent. To me undetectable in difference when compared to the Dura Ace chain I have on my road bike. See the Shifting Performance Test Results on the same page as the wear and breaking load tests. Though you will need to be an industrial engineer to really appreciate the testing procedures and resulting data. In plain English you will have precise smooth shifts with a nearly silent running drive train with a Connex 10sX chain by Whipperman.

We Didn't Like

That I have not been using Wipperman chains all along.

The Final Say

One of the objectives with Project Privateer Litespeed Cx Ti was to highlight components that offered performance with value, this is exactly what you get with the Connex 10sX by Whipperman. The Connex10sX chain will outlast by a factor of 2 -5 most other chains on the market. A longer wearing chain saves you money not just in chains but in more expensive cassettes and chain rings. I am definitely going to be using only Connex chains on all my bikes from now on. I’m upgrading my DH bike to 10spd this year and will be using the 10sB code named the Black EDI basically the same as the10sX but with a black outer links and gold pins will look killer and the 10sX on my Enduro and Road bike.

The Connex 10sX chain by Whipperman last longer is more durable than any other 10spd chain on the market. Connex chains by Whipperman is another fine example of the quality specialty cycling products carried by Cantitoe Road where they are always helpful and available to field you questions with respect and courtesy call Toll-Free: +1 (800) 422-2104 or visit them online to get your Connex 10sX today.

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