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Challenge baby Limus

Review: Challenge baby Limus

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We Liked

There is nothing like a well made cyclocross tire and we get to ride a lot of them. Sometimes I feel almost like the princess and the pea. With all of the different types of tires that I get to ride I can definitely tell the difference in thread count, rubber compound, tread pattern and tire width. We got a set of the Baby Limus hand made clinchers in because its easier and quicker for us to get them on a set of hoops than tubular. Gluing up a set is a 4 day process. Its been a while since I have felt such a high quality set of clincher tires. If I could use only one word to describe these tires it would be supple. The tire just naturally conforms to terra firma in a way that I can only describe as ground mapping. The feedback that I get from the tires is " Its ok I'm hooked up".

Tire selection is very important in cyclocross and can make your day or totally put it in the toilet. This leads me into the the tread of the Baby Limus. Its a unusual to see a tire company to go with different heights on a single tread pattern when they make a tire. Its usually really tall and thick or one or the other. The baby Limus is the next evolution in condition specific tires. Cyclocross tires had a traditional arrow shape pattern to them and they did well is combination situations. Lately we are seeing file tread patterns for dry grassy courses and thick tall well spaced tread for muddy conditions. Also we have seen a shift in tread shape as well. The first one to do this was the Clement PDX and LAS tires. Challenge has followed suite in adopting the rail road spike style of tread and has now with the baby Limus reduced the tread height in the center to decrease the rolling resistance all the while still providing a mud tread.

  • Lower center tread
  • Super Supple feel 300 TPI !
  • Light weight
  • Hand made
  • Good tread design
  • Real rubber that last

We Didn't Like

The price is a little high compared to the PDX crusade. The Crusade clincher retails for about $45.00. However the tubular crusade is $129 and the challenge is $114? The reason is because of the Challenge is a Higher Quality. The challenge open tubular has a 300 TPI casing which is why is rides so nice. Some companies call their clincher a open tubular but they really are not. In this case the Challenge is a tubular left open. We would like to see the price come down to about $65-$70.

The Final Say

Up until recently you had a choice of cross tires. Super low end with bad tread for mud or high end Euro tubular. Most people don't want the trouble with taking 4 days to glue up some tubular. The tires are expensive at over $100 each and then to get glue everywhere and try to get them on straight was just too much for all but the die hard. The Crusade PDX came in and set a new standard for price and tread design. However there was still a gap. There was no high quality, or I should say tubular quality tire that had the right tread pattern that would make people happy. Challenge has been making tubular and clincher tires for a long time and made the traditional arrow shaped tread cross tire and even attempted a mud specific tire with the Fango which was a "No Go" in our books. But now Challenge has introduced a couple of new tires and one is the Baby Limus. The Baby Limus is a high quality tire that is super supple with out the mess and hassle of a tubular. We use the PDX as the standard that we measure by as we live in Portland (PDX). So pay a little more and get a little more. The Baby Limus gives the ride of a tubular. It has a better rubber compound than the PDX and a very very similar mud shredding tread pattern. We would like to see the price come down to about $65-$70 and this tire would be a super star. We race tubular and this year we will be making the switch to the challenge tires.

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