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Chain L

Review: Chain L

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We Liked

That the claim of a 1000 mile lube with Chain L is true. I have heard the same 1000 mile claim before multiple times over the last 25 years and this is the first lube I have used that actually comes close to the claim. The 1000 mile claim is for typical road use. I can say for a fact this appears to be true as I have 700 miles after an application of Chain L on a used chain on my road bike after a thorough cleaning of course. Since application have not done anymore than a dry clean with a shop towel. With Chain L the drive train runs silent and is a whole lot cleaner than what I was expecting darn close what I get with a “clean type” lube that I need to use almost every single ride.

For cyclo-cross use it will be less than the 1000 miles depending on the conditions you may ride in. The CX season here in Colorado has been very dry mostly dirt crits so I really haven’t been so upset my Lupus has kept me from racing much as I want snow Ice and mud without, it just is cross in my opinion though I’m not going to stop me from riding and play in what mud and other CX fun I could find.

Since the initial application of Chain L Project Privateer Litespeed CX Ti has 500 combined road, dirt, gravel and grass miles on a new Connex 10sX chain. Since application the Litespeed CX Ti has been power washed two times and hand washed many more and I have yet to do a complete reapplication of Chain L other than a dry clean wipe from a shop towel each cleaning and one wet cleaning after the 2nd power wash.

Before Chain L I have been using a clean type lube and after investigating what Chain L is and how it differs from most chain lubes I learned I actually have not been lubricating my chains properly. To properly lube a roller chain the lubrication needs to get to the rollers and stay there.

With all the relatively dry conditions this fall and early winter I would have expected the chains to collect a lot of dust and fine dirt making the chain well crunchy. With the Chain L the opposite is true the chain is a lot cleaner than I would have expected and run silent. I can’t wait to give the dry test at Bootleg in January for the first DH race of the year, last year the conditions there I needed to re-lube just about every other run.

We Didn't Like

That the initial application of Chain L is a bit of a pain and does take more time than most lubes but it is well worth it for the long lasting lubrication.

The Final Say

Looking for a long lasting chain lube that will hold up to the worst conditions that cyclo-cross is known for? Chain L satisfies 3 basic needs of any drive train being Lubrication, Lubrication, Lubrication. I have used 1 oz for 2.25 applications that being said a 4oz bottle will lube 9-10 chains for a total of 9000-10000 miles of road use, at $11.95 Chain L is a bargain and you will save time and effort in you bike maintenance.

You can purchase Chain L at Cantitoe Road, Direct at Chain L website and learn more about Chain L, or look for it at you local independent bike shop listings on the Chain L site.

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