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Ceramic Speed Pulleys

Review: Ceramic Speed Pulleys

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We Liked

You know, up until I got a pair of these things I just thought it was just a bunch of hype. Now that I have a full season on the ceramic speed pulleys I will stand up and testify that these things work. I had no idea the amount of drag on the chain that the derailer pulleys had. But once you put these on you will understand as well. My team mates have warmed up on my bike and then their bikes and can tell the difference. So i can say that they do make a difference.

We Didn't Like

Kinda pricey. These are only for the people that have to have the very best, money is no object or compete at the highest level.

The Final Say

Do you want to run your machine at its highest possible level? Is money not an object or do you have to have the best then you have to get these. Even though Shimano and Campy and SRAM make good stuff. The Ceramic Speed derailer pulleys will make a noticeable difference in the drag that is on the chain. They are smooth and quieter and last longer due to their finish and tolerances. Thank you Ceramic Speed may I have another set please!

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