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Century Helmet

Review: Century Helmet

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We Liked

Lazer has been making helmets for 100 years now! To mark this historical event Lazer came out with a special helmet to mark the occasion. That is a long time and over the years I think its safe to say that they are pretty good at making helmets. We see their helmet in all of the big races with people winning on them. The Century comes with a fairly long list of features but a couple of them are very unique. The first is the “Twist Cap”. The twist cap is a plastic cover that is held onto the center of the helmet with magnets. The helmet can be worn with or without the cap. The main function of the cap is to make the helmet aero, Semi aero or fully vented. The next feature that I thought was really unique was the rear light for the back of the helmet. Other helmets have done rear lights before and Lazer is no stranger to having a rear light. But this is a little unique. Most helmet companies put a little led right on the back of the helmet. You touch it and it turns on. Lazer went a different route this time. Instead Lazer took a 12 lumen LED light and hid it on the inside of the helmet. Then they connected to a clear plastic rod. So when the LED flashed the entire rod lit up as well. I took the liberty to list out all of the features of the helmet below.

  • Twist Cap
  • Rear light 12 lumen with a 5 hr constant and a 8 hr flash run time.
  • I beam integration
  • Turnfit system
  • Internal vent channels
  • Bottom shell
  • Light weight
  • 6 colors
  • Light weight  

We Didn't Like

So in the interest of producing a better product here is what I would like to say about this helmet. I would like there to be a way to turn on and off the rear light without having to take the helmet off. If you are heading home in the winter time you would turn the light on before you left. But, What if your ride starts out in the daylight and then into the dusk. You have to sit up or pull over and stop to turn the light on.  

The Final Say

Back in the day you had 2 kinds of cycling helmets. You had road helmets and you had TT helmets. These were at opposite ends of the spectrum in that one was on safety and comfort and the other was totally devoted to aerodynamics. If you were a Tri-geek you had the TT helmet and if you did stage racing you had to have one of each. We have learned a lot about aerodynamics and thermodynamics and have come to the concept that a helmet can perform well in both categories. Just like with the arms race with the cold war we have witnessed all kinds of arms races from weight, materials and now its with aerodynamics. Aero bikes are everywhere! And just about every company makes an aero road helmet. Enter the Lazer Century. So the main thing on this helmet is the “Cap”. I liked how easy it was to switch it around or to take it off. The cap went easily into our jersey pocket and stayed there. There was no issue of it falling out.  Several months ago when we got this helmet we asked Lazer to give us some aero data on the helmet in its different configurations and as of the publishing of this review we have not recieved any data on how much the cap will ssave you in its differnt positions.  

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