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Carbon Pro Heavy Duty Cleaner and Ultra Shine and Protectant

Review: Carbon Pro Heavy Duty Cleaner and Ultra Shine and Protectant

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We Liked

I decided to group the Carbon Pro Heavy Duty Cleaner and Ultra Shine and Protectant together into one review because I believe these products should be used together. Carbon Pro products clean, protect, and lube your bicycle from head to toe. They do so while being completely eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe to kids, pets, family, and the environment. In a world where being eco-friendly is extremely important, Carbon Pro is doing a great job of making products that don't give up performance while still being safe for the environment.

The Heavy Duty Cleaner will strip off and dirt, road grime, drink mix, or anything else you could end up with on your bike. The spray head works well and has a designated "off" mode so it won't be spilled during travel. I have used this on mountain, cyclocross, and road bikes and the Heavy Duty Cleaner left my bikes looking sparkling clean. Normally I would recommend a hose and soap wash outside but if you don't have the time or live in an apartment or home without a hose, this product is perfect for you.

The Ultra Shine and Protectant comes with the same easy to use spray nozzle. This product is not as noticeable initially since your bike should already be clean before using it, but believe me using it will prolong the life of your bike. This product will protect your carbon bicycles against scratches, UV rays, and environmental elements while adding a beautiful shine to your bike. When you spend thousands of dollars on a high-end bicycle, using these products shouldn't be a burden. Like all Carbon Pro products the Ultra Shine and Protectant is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

We Didn't Like

There isn't much not to like about these products. When you spend a good amount of money on a high end road bike, protecting and prolonging the life of your bike shouldn't be an issue. I still think that washing your bicycle outside with proper soap and brushes is still the best option but for quick cleans the Heavy Duty Cleaner will work fine.

The Ultra Shine and Protectant works well, but it would be nice to see some testing about how UV rays effect the paint on high end carbon bicycles. It could work great, I would just like to see some tests. Maybe from someone in Arizona, where it's actually sunny. Portland doesn't have UV rays in the winter.

The Final Say

Buy these products if you live in an apartment or a home without a hose or proper bike washing station. I still think a proper soap, brush, and hose wash is the best way to get a bicycle completely clean, but for a quick clean or wash the Carbon Pro products will work great.

The Ultra Shine and Protectant should be owned by every carbon bicycle owner. Prolonging the life of your expensive bicycles is worth the minimal cost. Also, you know what they say, a clean bike is a fast bike.

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