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Carb Boom Energy Gel

Review: Carb Boom Energy Gel

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We Liked

A few days before the 25th Sea Otter Classic, I was reviewing the list of vendors who would have booths at Laguna Seca Raceway from the Bicycle Retailer and Industry News when the colorful packaging for Boom Nutrition caught my eye. Ok honestly I have never heard of Carb Boom before, nor seen their products in stores, but a little research made me want to give their product a try. What made me want try Carb Boom Gels? Well Boom Gels are gluten free (Not a big deal for me, I am not gluten intolerant), dairy free, soy free, and made with real fruit, with no added sugar, and no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and they taste great! The second thing is the incredible selection of flavors of Carb Boom offered: Banana Peach, Strawberry Kiwi, Vanilla Orange, Raspberry, Grape Pomegranate, and my favorite Apple Cinnamon! All of the gels flavors taste like fruit harvested at the peak ripeness directly from the back yard… Additionally I never got an upset stomach and never bonked from insufficient calorie intake!


• Carb Boom is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and vegan!

• Blended and pureed fruit mixed with maltodextrin for excellent consistency.

• Great tasting fruit flavors!

• The ability to build your own variety pack!

One of the best riding moments of year so far involved Carb Boom! I was out on a 50 mile tempo ride, the day after one of my first hard interval days of the year, so my cadence was miss firing ever so slightly. I reached my turn-around point after 30 miles of riding, and for once I decided to stop and take in the sounds of birds singing along meandering babbling brook, and enjoy the shade from trees on a warm spring afternoon for a few minutes. Leaning up against a cool steel guard rail, I opened a Carb Boom Apple Cinnamon gel that had been perfectly warmed by the sunny 65 degree afternoon. The moment the warmed Apple Cinnamon hit my taste buds, I was in heaven! The Carb Boom was the perfect blend of Apple & Cinnamon and tasted like a blue ribbon winning apple pie from the county fair! Personally I can’t think of any other gel or energy bar that has ever tasted that good out on the road! From that moment on, I was “Right as Rain” the rest of the way home!

We Didn't Like

I really do not have any dislikes… Ok I am not a big fan of Vanilla Orange flavored Carb Boom on a really hot days; I thought the heat (we’re talking above 85 degrees) made the orange flavor a bit overpowering! In contrast to the typical rainy Northwest days, where the Vanilla Orange taste like a pleasant Orange Cream Soda!

The Final Say

You know, after all of the banana-honey on wheat sandwiches that I ate when I used to really race back in the early 90’s, I would say today we are living in the golden age of mid-workout fair. For me Carb Boom is easily the best tasting in the Gels Category of workout fair! Their Apple-Cinnamon taste so good, they should sell it as a pie! Honestly the Raspberry, Grape Pomegranate, and Strawberry Kiwi are just as good as the Apple Cinnamon. The Banana Peach and Vanilla Orange flavors are just half a stride behind the rest.

Currently the easiest ways to purchase Carb Boom is through their web site! They currently have four different packages for purchase, and each package includes free shipping. The first is a sampler pack of all six flavors for $10.00. The second Carb Boom option is solid case of any of the six flavors. The third package is the one Carb Boom sent us home with, the Carb Boom variety 24-Pack (4X all 6 flavors). One of the best ways to order a case is by creating your own Carb Boom case, each flavor can be ordered 4 times a specific flavor for total of 24 gels. Personally as soon as I run out of Carb Boom, I am planning on purchasing a case of 4 Raspberries, 4 Strawberry Kiwi’s, and 16 Apple Cinnamons. In the back of my mind I am thinking the Apple Cinnamon Carb Booms will be for those chilly fall days when I feel like apple pie!

Notes & Thoughts: Gels are very sticky (I found the Banana Peach flavored Carb Boom to be quite sticky) and can eventually lead to tooth decay. My dentist recommended that if I use gels, that it was a good idea to rinse my mouth with water immediately after consuming a gel.

My final thought is; can someone invent a small reusable cooler that fits inside a jersey pocket that can keep two, maybe three, gels cool when the temperature is north of 80 degrees outside? Personally I am really not a fan of hot gels when I am already hot from riding!

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