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Bontranger Air Blast Floor Pump

Review: Bontranger Air Blast Floor Pump

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Ok, I need to state this right up front. I am really really new to tubeless. I am not racing on them. I am familiar with them and I have even tried out a pair, unsuccessfully. While everyone has been focusing on developing tires, rims and sealant, there is one area that few are looking at. It seems that few if any have been figuring out how to easily inflate them. If you don't have the volume and the pressure going into a set you will have a really really tough time getting the tire inflated when you mount or change them. Everyone assumed that you have a compressor or you need a compressor to fill them up. This is fine if you are at home or at a shop. But what about a race? Not any more. I see a lot of stuff and try a lot of stuff out and there are few things that I think are a big leap forward. This is one of them and if you own & race tubeless wheels you will want and should go and get one of these pumps.

Simple to use.

Puts 40 psi into the tire for quick filling.

Will keep the air in the chamber after 40 psi after you have inflated your tire.

Use as a regular pump.

Easy to read gage on top of the pump.

Valve air release handle is red and easy to use.

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The Final Say

If you are running tubeless then there is a 90% chance that you race. Your running them for lower rotational weight and lower pressure. This means a faster bike, better traction and you can't pinch flat in a race. With all the performance benefits considered tubeless tires are a good idea. Getting them to work correctly requires a lot of things to come together to make it happen the way its suppose to. The right tires, the right rim, the right sealant and then getting the air into the tire for it to seat correctly. Well what happens if you have a malfunction at a race and you have to change tires or reinflate them? What if you don't have or can afford a compressor or you have limited space? Don't want to keep going to the bike shop every time to do your tires? Trek is the first one that I know of that has solved this problem. They have created a floor pump that has a pressure holding chamber that allows you to pump it up and inflate your tubeless tires. Its a really good idea and and works. I am the real test because I don't race or use tubeless wheels yet and If I can do it with out any problems then I know that the person that uses tubeless tires will say "Thank God, why didn't some one come up with this sooner!" Trek you created a winner and this will leave everyone else scrambling to make something like this. Hope you made enough because these things will be gone! 5 cowbells!

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