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Bontrager Aeolus RSL VR-C Handlebar/Stem

Review: Bontrager Aeolus RSL VR-C Handlebar/Stem

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We Liked

We were really excited to get these bars in and it seems that Aero is king in going faster. here are some of the features that we like about the bars.
  • OCLV Carbon construction. Trek has been using this techique for years now and from this product it seems that really have it down.
  • Integrated bar/stem design improves aerodynamics and saves weight: Yes saving weight is a good thing. And more aero means cleaner as well. they claim that it is a 10% improvement than the previous version.
  • Integrated cable management system held secure with M4 hex bolt, 5Nm torque. Trek did a really good job at routing the cables on this one. Looks like som actual thought when into it.
  • the bar come in 15 differnt options. Most companies only offer a few.
  • Includes Blendr mono and duo bases with mounts for Ion light and Garmin computer: This is really nice how they made the mounts for the computer aero and you can have a light or a cam option as well.
  • Approved for use with carbon or alloy steerer

We Didn't Like

So the bars are not perfect and we do have a couple of suggestions to imrove upon this bar.

The cabel routing the bar is cool but there needs to be a retaining clip system that keeps the cabels in place.

Next we felt that in the drops that the bars pointed down and that was a little weird for us. Its such a advanced system that we would like to see the drops not round but more of a ergonomic grip style.

The Final Say

So what do we think of the bars? We love them.. They are not without some drawbacks but they are minor in comparison to how much we enjoy them. One thing that I did not not mention that I noticed was how stiff they were. This system is significantly stiffer than other bar stem combinations that I have tried. The bar is clean and aero offering a savings of 7 watts just on its own. We love how the cable routing is easier than other aero bars and how the box includes all of the attachments you need to mount a computer, lights or your GoPro. You will also use less bar tape in the process as well. We would like to see the evolution of this bar to include an ergonomic grip on the drops and some kind of retention clip system for the cables that go under the bar. Overall these are minor little details, Well done Trek

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