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Bike to Power Power Plus Mount for iPhone 5

Review: Bike to Power Power Plus Mount for iPhone 5

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We Liked

Extends iPhone 5 run time

Can be used with or without the extended battery pack

Excellent protection

Easy installation and removal of iPhone

Mount can be easally removed and reinstalled on another bike or?

As I have said before in reviews for other iPhone cases, one of the great things about the iphone is the shear number of cases and accessories for the device. The Bike2Power Power Plus Mount for iPhone 5 definitely moves to head of the class by addressing one of the iPhones shortcomings being the lack of run time when using it as the primary information screen when using with the many cycling/sport aps available. The Bike2Power Power Plus Mount for iPhone 5 offers great protection for your iPhone 5 that is a heavy-duty cycling mount, sealed against rain, snow, dust, and dirt. The tough, engineered -plastic case protects your iPhone from falls and impact. The phone is fully accessible inside the case - touch screen, cameras, wake/sleep and home buttons, and a port your headphone jacks, though I do not recommend wearing ear-buds while riding outside it just is not a smart idea. Bike2Power offers similar models are available from Bike2Power for iPhone 4 and some android devices as well I would assume that all the different models will perform the same as the iPhone5 model.

From my testing I was able to get a solid 4-4.5 hours of run time while running a cycling ap with GPS and 2 other Bluetooth Smart devices supported, HR and Cadance sensor, that is up from 1-1.5 hours on just the iphone 5’s internal battery. So for most riders that is all they really will need, and when you do not need the extra run time the case can be used without the extended battery pack simply slide it off. The protection level is really good to excellent from the high impact ABS plastic main body with silicone anti-vibration sled holding the iphone inside. Installing and removing the iPhone really could not be more simple and when closed is very secure with easy to open and close piano hinges on the side of the case. Once incased the iphone functions normally the protective cover does not interfere with the touch sensitivity that I could tell much of a difference.

The mount can be attached and removed easily with the intergraded heavy duty zip tie that is tightened with the included hex wrench to install to the stem or handle bar or any similar bar, I could even see using it on home or gym exercise equipment and can me mounted picture or landscape all very well thought out.

My suggestion for use wise being as large as it is best use is for commuting, road to general trail riding when the larger screen is needed for mapping and directions. I couldn't see having it on the bike when racing unless you need to see how high your HR is during and the typical small cycling computer is too small to see becasue your over the limet and crosseyed. Overall is very solid and more than durable enough offering a high level of protection for your iphone even if you and your bike gets in the slop that we all love as CX.

We Didn't Like

Is a large case to be used as the primary everyday case, would like to see the mount to be lower profile. For what it is and does is more than suitable for the intended use. Not enough to deduct any points for the final score.

The Final Say

The Bike2Power Power Plus Mount for iPhone 5 is a solid and protective with added power that makes using your iPhone as a full-featured bike computer a simple prospect. With extended run time ease of installation and removal, with or without the extended battery pack. Move the mount from one bike to another with the heavy duty mount that can be used in picture or landscape. All of the iphones functions are at your fingertips at a affordable price point of $89.95 msrp the Bike2Power Power Plus Mount for iPhone 5 is suitable for the harshest punishment you can dish out. This and many more products from Bike2Power make great gifts this holiday season earnes count em 1 Cowbell, 2 Cowbells, 3 Cowbells, 4 Cowbells, 5 Cowbells our highest possible score.

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