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Review: ATAC XC 8

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We Liked

  • Original standard for MTB clipless pedal
  • Very robust
  • Reasonable weight 286g
  • Easy in and out
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Double sided
  • Mudd proof
  • Platform  

We Didn't Like

Eventhough Time pedals are slightly heaver they are more roubust than most other pedals.  Ill trade the grams for the durability.

The Final Say

I got these pedals last year at Interbike and like most cyclocross racers I have been on egg beaters and have used them for years, recommended them because of their simplicity and mud proofness. But before the egg beaters there was really only one choice and that was TIME ATAC pedals. I raced on them and used them for a long time. However at that point the ATAC pedals did not perform as well as the Egg Beaters. Well TIME was paying attention to all of the tracktion that crank brothers got and have redesigned their ATAC pedals. This review has been a long time coming for a reason. We wanted to use them for a year. We did and we are now hooked on the new ATAC pedals. The ATAC are almost as light as the aforementioned pedals however, I found the Time ATAC pedals way more durable and just as easy to use. Let's face it cyclocross is hard on equipment and so I don’t have a mechanic to tear down my bike every time I race. And the last thing I need is for my pedals to explode before or during a race.

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