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Argent Road Tubless

Review: Argent Road Tubless

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We Liked

This is a great wheel set not only for the cx racer but for the road racer as well. This is one of those wheel sets that does a lot of things really well. In this day of getting special climbing wheels, TT wheels and cx wheels The Argent tubless wheel set does them all very very well. The are Light weight, coming in under 1500g is not an easy thing to do especially if your Aluminum and aero. The American Classic Argent tubless also comes with bladed spokes to add to their aerodynamic value that the rim brings to the table. Topping it all off is the light hub set and the special cassette body. So what's so special. Usually in the magic triad of strength, weight and price you only get to pick 2. But Bill Shook is an engineer and saw that with a light cassette body came at a price. The price was that the cassettes were chewing into them and tearing them up. So Bill decided to put in a bite guard. But hold on there buckaroos Bill didn't just put one bite guard in he put in three! Talk about spreading the love. You see Bill found out that one bite guard wont do the trick but three will. So Bill has inserted 3 small steel plates into the cassette body of the hub of this wheel set. So lets sum this up.

The Argent Tubless wheel set is.....

  • Light weight
  • low spoke count
  • Aero rim
  • Long life Cassette body
  • Trueable
  • Tubless ready

We Didn't Like

This particular wheel set makes it harder to decide whether to go tubular or not..

No tubular version... :(

Also when is the disc version coming out?

The Final Say

In this day and age you need a wheel set that is really a 3 season set. You need something that can handle the spring classics and the road season and then go right on into the fall and through the cyclocross season. The aero rim is structurally strong and aero. The low bladed spoke count only adds to the wind cheating of the aero rim and the Cassette body has been augmented with three bite guards so it will last more than one season. Changing your cassette should be much easier now. Oh and you get all of this for under $1,500.00. Nicely done Bill... Will you please make a disc version...

Hup Hup Hup!

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