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Aline Foot Beds

Review: Aline Foot Beds

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Its no mystery that proper alignment of all of the joints when performing athletic activities is the best way to go. You are more efficient in all of your movements and power transfers. Several companies have done research on this and aligning the hips, knees and ankles is very important in Cycling. Now there are a lot of foot bed companies out there. I have seen them where you do mold of your foot while standing in a box and then you have to send them off for custom foot beds to be made and then you can put them in your shoes. But the funny thing about this method is that is assumes that everything else is in alignment. So If you have been doing a movement with improper alignment for a long time (years) your body is probably use to dong that and will continue to do that movement in that way. Aline food beds is one of the only system that I have seen that not only starts from the ground up but uses lasers and wedges to align your feet with your knees from the ground up.

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The Final Say

So what do we think of the Aline system? We think its the best. The reason is because if you go to a store and get some foot beds off the shelf you are guessing. You are guessing about your biomechanics and needs. You should never self treat or diagnose yourself. Its just a bad idea all the way around. And if you do you may not notice anything right away. However, you are probably setting yourself up for a problem down the road. We call that B A D... so with the Aline system they put you in a neutral position and then actually measure your posture from the ground up with a laser light. Then they make the adjustments right then and there. So no guessing if your are in alignment or not. There is no "Eyeballing it". Next is if you consider all of the other foot beds out on the market they wear out and will deform over time. If you look at the structure of the Aline they are filled with ribs that wont break down and will hold their shape for a long long time. So they will last and won't be broken down over time and go back to before you got your foot beds.

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