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100 Percent S3 BWR

Review: 100 Percent S3 BWR

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We Liked

Here is our list of the key features of the BWR S3.
  • Style points and lots of envy in the group.
  • Good coverage
  • Easy lens replacement
  • clear lens included
  • Lion of Flanders etched on both lenses
  • Crush proof case
  • Distinct Belgian color scheme
  • Extra nose piece
  • 9 types of replacement lenses available.
  • HiPER and Photochromatic lens options
  • Lens is treated with Hydrophobic and Oleophobic that repels water and oils  

We Didn't Like

Can not buy extra cases for extra lenses to have on hand. We would like to see the option of choosing a case at check out or the ability to order another case that holds just spare lenses. I mean there are 9 lens options available for the BWR S3.

Also the 2 lenses that come with the BWR edition glasses are pretty special. The BWR glasses come with a Lion of flanders etched right into them. Very Cool. Well we could not find a way to get those lenses.   

The Final Say

So sunglasses are really an essential part of your cycling equipment and you need to protect your eyes. In addition to that sunglasses make a statement on your attitude and mindset while you're out there turning the pedals in anger. 100% have been doing glasses for a bit now and according to their site, they are designed in California and made in France and Italy. You can see these on some pretty famous riders including Peter Segan and MVP. The BWR editions are really cool and we love them for several reasons. First you can get the BWR 100% glasses in 3 performance versions (S3, S2 and Speed craft). Next, we love that the S3 offers a lot of protection and has lots of (9 S3, 14 S2, 14 Speedcraft) different options for lenses for each model. Those extra lenses range in price from $40 to $110 for the Photochromatic. The lenses that come with the glasses are special in that they have the Lion of flanders etched into the lens making it look really cool. You put these with the belgian paint job on the frames and you have a winner in performance and style. Now, if they would only make you ride as fast as MVP.  

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