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Zipp Recall

Zipp Recalls 12,000 Wheel sets

Dear SRAM Customer: Our records show that you may have a bicycle equipped with a ZIPP® 88 aluminum front hub. Certain of these front hubs are the subject of a safety recall. If your bike has a ZIPP 88 aluminum front hub, PLEASE STOP RIDING YOUR BIKE until you confirm whether your hub is part of the recall. Some of the aluminum front hubs were manufactured incorrectly and can fail. If your front hub fails, you could crash. There is no UPC code or serial number on the front hubs. However, the affected ZIPP 88 aluminum front hubs are readily identifiable by the design of the external flange rings as pictured below. Photo 1: 1st Generation ZIPP 88 front hub – affected version Above is a 1st Generation Zipp 88 Front Hub. The flange ring is a smoke color, with a “Z” and smaller clinch nut. Photo 2: Later generation ZIPP 88 front hub – unaffected version  Above is a later generation Zipp 88 front hub and is unaffected by the Recall. Note the larger, silver, clinch nut and smaller flange ring. Photo 3: Affected and unaffected flange rings and cinch nuts. The recall, 1st generation Zipp 88 front hub has a Ring and Nut like the item on the Left (smoke color, with a “Z” and smaller clinch nut). The item on the Right shows a non-recall ring and nut. Note the larger nut and the smaller ring without the “Z”. Photo 4: Example of affected hub shown laced into a full wheel  If you have an affected front hub, please contact SRAM or your local bicycle dealer for a free replacement. If you are unsure if your front hub is part of the recall, please contact SRAM or your local bicycle dealer for verification. We apologize for this inconvenience, but your safety is our priority. For questions about this recall, call 800-346-2928 or check our websites at www.sram.com and www.zipp.com. SRAM is conducting this recall in cooperation with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Consumer safty recall site here

pdf link here