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Scott Mares. Photo by Inge Mares.Photo by Inge Mares.CROSS BIKE REVIEW.com was conceptualized by Scott Mares, author of The Complete Book of Cyclocross, Skill Training and Racing. This book is only the second book on the sport of cyclocross to be published in the world.

Scott has been riding and racing his bike since he was a high school sophomore in Oklahoma City, OK (1983). He raced throughout college and was even a cyclocross athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Scott has been riding and racing for 26 years, including 15 years of cyclocross.

Scott was the head coach of the American Cycling Association (ACA) Junior Cyclocross camp for 9 years in Colorado. He was also one of two founders that started the First Bike Program in Colorado. This program enabled kids to purchase their first real racing cyclocross bike at a substantial discount.

Scott served as the Director at Large on the ACA Board of Directors for several years and was instrumental in the sponsorship and support of junior cycling in Colorado.

Inge MaresPhoto by Scott Mares.Inge Mares is the Senior Editor & Photographer of CROSS BIKE REVIEW.com. Working in IT for over 20 years, she had a "wake-up call" in 2008 that brought the need to take better care of herself to light. With 50 pounds to lose and a loyal best friend for moral support, Inge found the sport of triathlon.

During her training for triathlons, Inge rediscovered her love of cycling. Like most adults, she was reminded about how much fun it was to be on a bike. Now actively racing in the local criterium and cyclocross circuits, Inge is grateful for everyone that helped her take that first step towards a better, healthier life.