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Off Season Training Gear

Cross Bike Review.com Expands its Product Review Range

February 9 2014

For immediate release In an effort to keep readers coming back to the site and reading gear reviews Cross Bike Review.com owner Scott Mares has decided to expand its product review range to include a select range of gear that would be used in the off season for cycling. The gear will include mainly outdoor winter sports. These include snow shoes, Cross country skiing and trail running. “It was logical to include these items on the site” Mares said. “ Some people only do a short cyclocross season and then transition and others do a full season of cyclocross. All cyclist go through a winter or a Off season of transition to get ready to train for road season”.

To get in touch with the manufactures of these products the staff of Cross Bike Review will be attending the SIA show in Denver Colorado from Thursday January 30th to Sunday February 2nd. Already the staff has booked up appointments with big names like Fischer, Salomon and many more to plan out and review the latest skate skiing and snow shoeing gear that those companies have to offer. First on the line up is the Louis Garneau Course 721 snow shoe. We were able to sit down face to face and discuss the "off Season" with them and all of them were very excited to get more cyclist into skiing and snow shoeing. We also saw some really cool gear throughout the show. Check out the pictures below.