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Father's Day Gift Guide

So Father's day is quickly approaching and what do you get the guy that loves Cycling or Cyclocross? Well you don't get him a tie that he might wear once in awhile. So I thought I would chime in and put together a list of stuff that I know that he will use all of the time and he will appreciate it. So let's start with my picks,

Starting off is Park Tool ATD-1 this is an adjustable torgue wrench that will save your dad's carbon fiber bars, stems and other small bits that are really expensive. Beside guys love cool tools and this is a cool tool to have in your box.   MSRP is $72.95

Number 2 in our list of things to get Dad on this special day is the Body float seat post. This thing will say your dad’s butt. This post actively suspends the rider and dappens all of the vibrations coming up from the bike. We have on e and we love it for really bumpy courses. This thing is great on the small stuff and allow a rider to power will going through all foo that stuff. MSRP is $249.00  

Coming in at number 3 on our list is Sidi Dragon 4. In cyclocross shoes make a difference and idi has been doing shoes for a long time now and have made some really awesome ones for cyclocross. The Dragon 4 is a really good choice for cross and it’s a guarantee that Dad will love these italian kicks. MSRP is $399.99  

Number 4 is the Freedom Pearl Izumi mens select LTD  Kit. What a great way of supporting the people that keep the Red White and Blue strong. Remember freedom is not free and I only know of only one currency that is accepted. So let's support them by getting a kit for Dad! MSRP Jersey $85, shorts $85  

Remember Skynet controls everything (your brain) and so we need to keep dad brain safe when he is out there in the mud and rain. Give him the same helmet and protection that is worn by the current world cyclocross champion Wout van Aert, the Suomy Gun Wind. MSRP $224.99  

Keeping it all clean is Muc-Off ultimate kit. Lets face it this sport is expensive and we need to keep our equipment in tip top shape. By doing this it will last longer and not break or fail us in a race or in the middle of nowhere. Muc-Off has answered the call by putting together a kit to keep any bike running right. MSRP $100.00  

Finally my favorite choice is the the Santinti UCI Wool Long sleeve jersey. We love this thing! Its soft, elegant and timeless. Show you dad how awesome he is by giving him this jersey that will never go out of style. MSRP $170