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Cyclocross Jedi Marries, Designs World Class Cycling Cake

Cyclocross Jedi Marries, Designs World Class Cycling Cake

June 29, 2014 at the base of Mt. Hood, at the world famous Timberline Lodge, Cyclocross Jedi Scott Mares married Inge Wortman. This was a wedding where two people loved each other deeply. If you were looking from the outside in, you would say "It looks like a normal wedding", that is, until you went inside to the reception hall. You see, the wedding was quite a while in the making and the theme of the wedding was early 20th century vintage, Parisian and cycling, where ninety-nine percent of the decorations were very subtle.

The guest tables had 1:4 scale vintage bikes with flag poles and flags containing the name of famous climbs of the tour. The vintage bikes also had baskets with miniature newspaper wrapped flower bouquets in them, but the real show stopper was the cake! We have seen a lot of cycling cakes from birthdays to parties. A quick check on the internet will show you hundreds of cycling themed cakes that people have done to express their love for cycling, but honestly none of them compare to this one!

For this particular wedding, the cake was a three-foot tribute to the history of Le Tour. The bottom main tier included realistic mountain backdrops of many of the famous climbs in the tour. The second tier was adorned with vintage Tour de France posters from days long gone by, as well as a 3D model of the Arc de Triomphe. Finally the top of the cake had a detailed map of Paris with a one-foot model of the Eiffel Tower right smack in the center of it. The top of each tier integrated a road with miniature cyclist painted with various authentic jerseys from the tour as well as authentic replicas of road signs seen in France. The two figures leading all the other figurines into Paris via Arc de Triomphe were the bride and groom, wearing their club's team jerseys!

So who created this amazing piece of art? Well, the cake was decorated by JaCiva's bakery in Portland, OR, and the cake was designed by the groom, Scott Mares! Scott ordered the small cyclists online and then hand painted them over a course of a week. Then Scott sent the decorator all of the artwork that he wanted on the cake to JaCiva's where they used a food-grade printer to print them off and attach them to the cake. Mares said "I had a little trouble with the Arc de Triomphe, as apparently there are no existing toys or sculptures out there. We did find a place that sold metal miniature models, however, enabling us to get it done just in the nick of time.” Mares went on to say, “More than half of the 50 guest did not want us to cut the cake, but I can tell you it tasted just as good as it looked!”