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Cross Bike Review Adds 2, Father and a World Champion to Staff

Father & World Champ joins staff!

CROSSBIKEREVIEW.com also expanded its staff from 5 to 7 with the addition of Joe Pinzone and Sue Butler. With the growth over the years of the discipline of cyclocross, CROSSBIKEREVIEW.com is attempting to keep pace with the sports growth by adding staff. “Both additions are highly educated and experienced writers and bring different perspectives to the company”, Mares said.

Joe is a formally trained Architect and possesses intimate understanding of materials, structural design and the parental challenge of a sport that doesn’t scale to kids. With his love of cyclocross, Pinzone has already made several contributions to the site. This is including shoes and kids CX bikes.

Sue is a seasoned CX racer with a very impressive resume that very few in cycling can boast about. Not only has Sue been a pro cyclist but has notched up a few National championships and in 2013 became a Masters World Cyclocross Champion. Her love of fitness, training, everything cycling she comes armed to the teeth with a solid education background. After getting her international Relations undergrad from Drake University she did not sit still and got her Masters from PSU.