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Belgium rider Caught for Mechanical Fraud

This article is reprinted from the Sporza website:

Turmoil at the cyclocross world championships in Zolder: UCI has found something suspicious in the cycle of promise Femke Van den Driessche. Precisely at this World Cup traces the UCI with new technology for motors in the cycle. "Our auditors have determined mechanical fraud," said UCI coordinator Peter Van den Abeele.

The UCI let in a press release that a bike from one of the participants in the World Cup with the reserves after an audit will be further investigated.

The UCI states that it is not a medalist and the Belgian Cycling Federation Sporza has confirmed that this is the bike of Femke Van den Driessche.

Femke Van den Driessche was started as a top favorite in the women's promises, but the European champion was from the start completely fall flat.

Just before the start of the final lap Van den Driessche struggled with mechanical problems and they came on foot across the finish line. Our compatriot was then in eleventh position, one minute later Van den Driessche got disillusioned from the race.

Precisely at this World Cup puts the UCI new technology to look for mechanical doping. "There is no specific indication of abuse. It's just a great time to test out the system once," UCI coordinator Peter Van den Abeele made previously to know the latest news.

Van den Abeele: "Was quite clear that there was something going on" Sporza had with UCI coordinator Peter Van den Abeele a conversation about the research. "Our auditors make checks at the start and during the race in the pit and they have established mechanical fraud", he says.

There is also a positive side to this story: the technology is more on point. It was immediately clear that something was wrong and that is reassuring. "For the UCI is the first time that technological fraud is detected and for us that is a downer. Most people are confused. We are not good at it."

"Whether this was a specific check? We control for a while at the world championships. In recent years, there was trouble and we have adapted our technology."

"The people of the UCI material commission were here with might and present, with efficient equipment."

"There is also a positive side to this story: the technology is more at which point it was immediately clear something was wrong and that is reassuring.."

This next section is solely the opinion of Crossbiekreview.com:

We feel that this was not just done by rider and that she had to had some help. To understand how this works click here to see the video on what the motor looks like and how it operates. As the investigation continues on we feel that more people will be involved in what is turning out to be a black eye for Belgian cyclocross.