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Belgium Bike Drops Morgan Blue for US Distribution

Last week it was announced to us that the US distributor of Morgan Blue (Belgium Bike) would no longer be selling them in the US.

To Whom It May Concern,

For over 7 years BelgiumBike has been the #1 import company for Belgian quality cycling brands in the US.

One of its large product based brands, MorganBlue, was not in line with its US industry standards and customer service needs.

The company worked diligently for nearly a decade enhancing the business ethics around MorganBlue to create a better public image of the company.

When the business ethics plummeted into an undeniable contrast with that of BelgiumBike's they recently announced that MorganBlue would be pulled from the US market.

The remaining US stock will be sold through their existing dealers.

No new dealers will be accepted in the US.

Consumers may buy products while supplies last on the US site, www.morganblue.com.


Roel Vanmuysen

Owner, BelgiumBike 

belgium bike is the offical US Distributor of