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WC Ciclo-cross Shirt

Review: WC Ciclo-cross Shirt

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We Liked

So we got the shirt in the mail and one of the first things that we noticed was how soft it was. This will be a pleasant surprise if you are use to getting t shirts that dont have that silky feeling to them. So this was a score on the actual shirt itself. So with the softness and the color combined the shirt has a slight sheen to it. I am also happy that the shirt is preshrunk. I cant tell you how I hate getting a shirt and loving it only to pull it out and cant wear it because it shrunk 2 sizes... AAAArrrrrggggg.

Next we took a good look at the graphics. I am very happy with what is on the shirt. Eventhough the graphics are "Distressed" there is alot of detail in the print. Some times when you distress the graphics you lose the detail.

So The shirt is Olive in color. This is a bounus because its a earth tone. That means if you get the shirt dirty it wont show so much or it may even add to the charter of the shirt. I guess it depends on how you are going to wear this shirt in the first place. We are going to put it in the nice t shirt pile and take good care of it.

We Didn't Like

You know there is really nothing not to like about the shirt that we got. But with that said I would be interested in haveing more of a color selection for this print. maybe a baby blue for the ladies that love cyclocross as much as we do.

The Final Say

So the bottom line is that this is a cool shirt to have in your dresser. Going out to the races you can show your love not only to the sport of cycling but you can set your self apart from the heard with this "back in the day" cyclocross shirt. There are very few cycling t shirts out there let alone a cyclocross one. Good job Retro!

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